Civil Litigation Law

Over the last ten years, the Tinsley Firm has been privileged to handle all manner of civil litigation claims. We have successfully pursued business to business claims regarding collections, breach of contract, unfair business practices, DTPA claims and more.

Our firm also has a long history of acting as "in house" counsel for local businesses on a retainer basis. We are able to help navigate you through corporate creation, merger, and dissolution. We have been corporate counsel for manufacturers, physicians, land developers, and many others.

Very often, the best way to win a lawsuit is to avoid one in the first place. That’s why the Tinsley law firm in Athens, Texas works with our clients to provide a proper and effective resolution for their complicated legal issues.

Probate Law

The Tinsley Firm takes great pride in being able to guide our clients as seamlessly and efficiently as possible through the Texas Probate system. We handle all probate matters from Independent/Dependent Administrations to contesting the mishandling of an administration.

We are also conscious of making sure to tell our clients when Probate is not necessary. There are many ways in Texas to avoid a lengthy probate including Affidavits of Heirship and Muniments of Title. We understand that cost is often a factor after the death of a loved one.

At the Tinsley Firm, we will do everything possible to work with you make this process as cost efficient as possible. And if an unavoidable dispute arises, we have the necessary litigation skills to provide effective support for probate law cases for all our clients.

Real Estate Law

Texas real estate law can be confusing even to seasoned practitioners. As the owner of Trinity Valley Abstract and Title, LLC, Christopher Tinsley has drafted the documents for and overseen thousands of real estate closings.

Our firm is available to draft, oversee or review any real estate closing you may be involved in. We are also available to provide attorney title opinions on any land in the State of Texas.

We take pride in our ability to successfully pursue real estate litigation as well. We have resolved countless real estate lawsuits over the last ten years. We have successfully handled cases involving adverse possession, easements, access rights, boundary disputes, title insurance claims and many others.

We have represented countless land developers from the initial planning stages to drafting of the covenants and restrictions. We also pursue and defend Mechanic and Materialman's liens. Our extensive background in the practice of real estate law serves as a valuable asset to our clients. If you are interested in the opportunity to keep a competent ally by your side as you navigate real estate law, contact the Tinsley law firm in Athens, Texas.